Live Long


We’ve been in Madagascar since 1986, working in close partnership with the Société Millot. For over thirty years we’ve worked together on growing, selecting and preparing the cocoa. In 2016, we decided to deepen this relationship with Millot even further by becoming a 40% shareholder in the plantation. This significant investment allows us to build on our shared ambitions, namely the implementation of a long-term development plan.


3 years ago, Valrhona launched a project with Société Millot to rebuild a village: 45 houses, two sanitary blocks and a healthcare center. To date, 21 houses and the healthcare center have been completed!

Open since November 2015, the new village healthcare center handles an average of twenty consultations a day, six days a week. The center provides easy access to non-urgent healthcare for Millot staff and their families, including free consultations and prescriptions. Patients needing more serious care are sent to the hospital in the nearby city of Ambanja.

Today, 21 families have moved into their new accommodation. To ensure that this project is sustainable, an association has been created to be able to open a bank account into which the rents will be paid. These moderate rents are meant to allow the villagers to take responsibility for their housing. The money will primarily be used for repairs and upkeep.

Find here all the chocolates which come from Madagascar.

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