As the trend for plant-based cuisine continues to grow, our tables are "going green". This chapter pays tribute to the wide variety of plant flavors, textures and colors that nature provides for endless new pastry-making possibilities. Vegetables enter the scene and change the way we think about desserts. Fruits from all around the world take pride of place next to Single Origin chocolates. Roots and cereals offer up their authentic flavors. Mother Nature in all her glory has planted the seeds in our pastry chefs' imaginations for extraordinary new dessert creations... Fascinating and flavorful mushrooms sprouting up from plates, bunches of cherry tomatoes with supernatural style, and fragrant flowers nestled among light little rocks. Once again, our pastry chefs welcome you to a garden of extraordinary flavors as our exploration of Alternative Indulgences continues...


Mushrooms that grow in the wild come in the most incredible colors, shapes and textures. When you look at them closely, you realize just how magical nature can be! Our pastry chefs have used nature's enchanting little domes as inspiration for a surprisingly delicious experience.

The sheer, colorful caps are made with crisp sheets of edible paper in a variety of flavors: Blueberry & Spirulina, Mango & Carrot, Raspberry & Beetroot and Granny Smith Apple & Celery. Peel and taste them one by one to enjoy the exquisitely surprising combinations! Bite into the thin chocolate twig that makes the stem. Then savor the melt-in-the-mouth Guanaja crémeux. But the most unexpected treat is surely the base – A coral mushroom dusted with cocoa powder... Simply stunning!

While the CRESCENDO is easy to make, it is more than just a simple amuse-bouche. It is genuine flavor experience, a chocolate-lover's stroll through the heart of the forest. Give your customers a spectacular finishing touch to their meal.


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Sometimes, the simplest ideas give rise to the most elaborate creations. Puffed black rice, an almond whipped ganache, a few pieces of chocolate and some wild flowers are all it took to create these exquisitely light and airy little rocks. FLOWERS ON THE ROCKS transforms popcorn into an amazing haute cuisine energy bar.

Black rice is a traditional staple in Asia. Also known as "Emperor's rice", it is renowned for its high mineral, fiber and antioxidant levels, and is considered a superfood. Its flavor is reminiscent of hazelnuts and warm bread.

This unique, delicate creation evokes the harmony of minerals and plants, and portrays the miracle of flowers growing amidst the rocks. A meditative dessert for curious connoisseurs.

Be inspired by the simple poetry of nature! FLOWERS ON THE ROCKS is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd with a luxurious twist on a popular and widely renowned dessert. Your customers will love this charmingly unexpected sweet treat.

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It's so tempting to want to discover the flavors hidden inside this mysterious dessert. Is it savory? Is it sweet? Tangy like a tomato? A false fruit that looks the part, or a true fruit in disguise? This cluster of cherry tomatoes is irresistibly intriguing.

Feed your curiosity by plucking a little tomato, and discover a subtle mixture of sweet almond with the acidity of tomato. Of course! Candied tomatoes are paired with a tantalizing Coulis spiced with Sarawak pepper, Tabasco and celery salt. Inside, Almond Inspiration Crème Anglaise reveals itself in all its sweet glory, adding the perfect touch to this sumptuously spectacular dessert.

Prolong the pleasure of the INDULGENT EFFLORESCENCE by plucking the tomatoes one by one. Season them to your liking with Tomato Jelly, Coulis or Almond Inspiration Crème Anglaise. Serve with almond milk ice cream or tomato sorbet.

Arouse curiosity with dramatic desserts like INDULGENT EFFLORESCENCE. Customers will always be tempted to uncover the true flavors of a realistic trompe-l'oeil creation. The element of surprise will only heighten the excitement. Each season, give pride of place to a new fruit or vegetable. An ode to nature your customers will love! 

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